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Our company consists of 4 co owners:
Howard W. Branch III (Squirt)
Terron A. Person (Tap)
Damon West (D. West)

Steven McRae(Polo) along with
Shari Evans, Kesha Hamlin, Myron Edwards Jr., Danielle Nicole, Phil Onidas, Derrick Irby, Rod Shipp, & Bri Hatchett

Terron, D.  Steven, & I (Howard) are all from different sides of Memphis. Binghampton, North Memphis, South Memphis, & Westwood. Howard is a graduate of Trezevant High. Terron is a graduate of Westwood High, Steven is a graduate of White Station and Damon is a graduate of Central. We all went on to take some college classes. The name of our company is "My Scented Flames"

Our passion was always music. We all were known in our own circles for doing music in our city, & in 2010 we moved to Atlanta to pursue our passion. We gained some wonderful connections and beautiful friendships along the way. By that time in the music game, everything changed, so we decided on our plan B which was candles. We combined our thoughts and ideas and formed what is now known as My Scented Flames!

What we like most about having our own business is that there's nothing like being your own boss and not moving to someone else's beat & the fact that we provide a product that is beautiful, elegant and handcrafted by us.

Our business has a wide variety of customers, from ages 20 to 85! I mean who doesn't love a good scent?

Our business has taken us to quite a few places within the states to Puerto Rico so there are no limits!

We want to provide the world with a real handcrafted, elegant product that not only sets the Ora of your home, but transforms the vibes of your thoughts as well. We mean it when we say "it's not just a candle", "it's an experience."
Our candles, odor eliminating sprays, bath bombs, and wax tarts come in several fragrances from our popular Blueberry Muffin & Birthday Suit, to "Pearberry", & probably our most sentimental & personal candle, "ShanaeForever21" named after the late coach of the University of Memphis' basketball team Larry Finch's daughter, Shanae Finch. She passed in 2014 & we at My Scented Flames wanted to do something special in her memory. She represented the epitome of what an angel on earth was.

We had a few inspirations. Terron's mother Gloria Person who kept us grounded. Damon's mother Jennifer Davidson who kept an encouraging word, Howard's grandmother, Therese Branch who always believed in our product and the late and beautiful Marie Noel, grandmother of Terron who was our biggest supporter and knew we'd one day make it in music and whatever we set our minds too. Our team as a whole is our inspiration. We push one another to keep our dream and visions alive.

Coming from a city like Memphis, Tn, you're not looked upon to make it, let alone make something of yourself. We're four black men & father's that have and plan to continue to make non-believers believe. There's so much our city needs and it starts with us. Our candle company & musical gifts will put us on a platform to make positive changes and help our youth. We've only just begun!

Lastly, we can't go with out naming the rest of our wonderful family that's apart of My Scented Flames. 
Shari Evans who keeps the candles brewing while we're gone. She truly holds it down. 
Steven Polo McRae who came in and totally took MSF to levels we couldn't have asked for. 
Myron Edwards Jr. who stepped up with no questions & is a selling machine. 
Kesha Hamlin who is just a gem of inspiration to the team & marketing genius. 
Derrick Irby who is ready at a moments notice to make moves & keeps the kitchen, candle ready. 
Danielle Nicole who's ideas are just genius and so business minded & ready! Phil Onidas is new to the group who has an high energy level and work ethic like no other. Rod Shipp is a very well versed in entrepreneurship .Bri Hatchett who has the west coast side of My Scented Flames locked and her enthusiasm is unmatched! 
All of these people are key to MSF & keep it going and growing. So believe us when we say, #ItsNotJustACandle #ItsAnExperience #MyScentedFlames www.myscentedflames.com 
Check us out and see what the MSF EXPERIENCE is all about!