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To provide the same exceptional quality products that we have always offered along with environmental friendly supplies to make them; we are making changes to our product selection and shipping times. There will be "5" scents available that require no extra production or shipping time. These scents are: Blueberry Muffin, Birthday Suit, White Peach & Silk Blossoms, Cognac & Cubans, & Fresh Linen Inspired By Gain. Our normal shipping time (3-7 business days) will apply to these fragrances. The remaining scents will be categorized as "Special Order Scents". These scents require extra time for the wax to set properly and mix with the fragrances.( We have a new soy based wax that gives off a better scent throw-Makes the scent last longer) We are asking for an additional 3 business days for orders that involve these scents. Again there is NO PRICE DIFFERENCE between the categories only the shipping times differs. We appreciate your understanding in this matter in advance!

Also Please make sure to SELECT THE CORRECT SHIPPING METHOD when ordering your products! Incorrect choices not only delays shipping, but it also increases our shipping costs as well. Also choosing to pay with E-Check will delay your order processing & shipping an additional 3-5 business days due to bank and merchant processing time, please use this method as a last resort. Thank you for your business!!